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Learn Arabic Online and Online Quran Classes Interview with Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya was recently interviewed by a staff member of as a part of the "Muslims Making a Difference" series.  The interview covers the background and history of starting up Studio Arabiya, our goals for the online Qur'an and Arabic program, as well as some insights to what goes on behind the scenes and more! My instructor wa...
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Review from Ummi Homeschools Me!

Studio Arabiya has recently been featured at - a blog by Umm Raiyaan, a homeschooling mom. I would thoroughly recommend the Arabic program at Studio Arabiya. I’ve seen a huge difference in R’s confidence in speaking... Very professional mashaAllah and definitely a thumbs up from me. Visit  ummihomeschoolsme.wordpres...
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Studio Arabiya Review in Al Jumuah Magazine

I'm so excited about our review in Al Jumuah Magazine that came out in late February, I wanted to quickly share a few features that were pointed out by the author.  Alhumdulillah, Studio Arabiya got a very good review. The author Zainab Khan, in her article E-Enlightenment - the global online revolution in Arabic and Islamic studies, described her...
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A Revolutionary New Way to Learn to Read Arabic

Reading Arabic made easy from Studio ArabiyaStudio Arabiya would like to proudly announce the introduction to our EXCLUSIVE Revolutionary Beginner's Curriculum!   Studio Arabiya's new reading curriculum will be used for all new students who start from Level Zero.  The Fast Track to Reading Arabic, written and compiled by Imam John Graff, will help you begin reading within just a few lessons...
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